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ShockLog RD298

The ShockLog Impact and Environmental Recorders provide continuous monitoring of the severity and duration of shock and vibration to large stationary or moving equipment, structures and storage environments. Offering customers outstanding value in today’s market and delivering measurable benefits, complimentary to any existing quality programme set up to achieve performance improvements, both in product reliability and damage limitation.

The RD298 ShockLog is a programmable, re-usable electronic, tri-axial shock recorder designed specifically to help organisations to reduce the cost of damage to goods.

Incorporating field proven piezo technology, the ShockLog offers ease of use and flexibility allowing the user to easily configure the device to suit their application requirements.

With a battery life of up to 12 months from a single C cell, users are able to gain a thorough understanding of a given supply chain cycle of a product and the conditions it experiences. More importantly it tells you when incorrect physical handling, poor quality packaging or inappropriate temperature and humidity control may have damaged the quality of your product and therefore your reputation and cash flow.

The comprehensive Windows based software allows the user to programme their own wake up, warning and alarm levels for events as well as the frequency of time slot and summary data collection. When a programmed impact level is exceeded a visual alarm will alert you as well as storing the data for future analysis.

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Koda izdelka: 29800STF0
Serijska št.: ShockLog

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Member of the IMC Group Ltd   RoHS complian
  • Provides a visible deterrent to incorrect operation and handling
  • Decreases costs related to damage incurred during operation, shipping, handling and storage
  • Highlights potential areas for improvement in operational, shipping and handling processes
  • Isolates when and where unacceptable conditions occur and identifies accountable parties
  • Confirms acceptable conditions during operation, shipping, handling and storage
  • Operational and journey profiling
  • Alerts recipient to potential damage upon arrival and therefore inspection required
Typical Applications

Cr2 Base Station

The base station receives and processes signals from Hanwell radio and wired sensors. These sensors communicate at regular short intervals with the cr2, which logs and stores the data pending transfer to a PC for analysis and archival storage. The cr2 also provides an interface for the ms1000 control system.

All data from the sensors, whether radio telemetry or hard wired in any combination, is ultimately collected, processed and stored by the cr2. This can be located conveniently and is designed for continuous monitoring of the entire system. A 16 x 2 alpha-numeric LCD displays the system status.

The cr2 also signals alarm conditions via the front panel LED'S (should any sensor measure above or below individual pre-set levels). Although the base station has an extensive memory capacity, it is intended that the data is transferred to a PC for detailed interpretation and permanent storage. This can be done automatically or manually, at any time.

*Built in GSM modem for remote communications is also available as factory fit only.

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Koda izdelka: cr2m

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Member of the IMC Group Ltd   RoHS complian
Typical Applications
  • Museum monitoring
  • Building control
  • Controlling wet heating systems
  • Controlling electric heating
  • Operating air handling plant
Options & Accessories

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